Hood / Fenders / Mirrors
Hood / Fenders / Mirrors / Luggage area
Hood / Fenders / Mirrors / Headlights / Front bumper
Full hood / Full fenders / Mirrors / Front bumpers / Headlights

Protex paint protection

PROTEX PAINT PROTECTION Network! Since 2006, transformed the world of paint protection, pushing the limits of the industry, its product and installation techniques.

Protex is still the one that sets standards through its franchise network, counting more than 50 service centers all around Canada. With more than 100 certified installers, Protex is there to help you, wherever you are in Canada.

Pioneer in the paint protection industry, Protex gives you the right alternative. In collaboration with the most famous paint protection film manufacturers, Protex  has developed its own brand of film, perfected over the years and above all, the only film designed and optimized for our Canadian climate: Protex Ultra, our premium quality, high performance paint protection film. 

Protex also uses the latest hardware and software to prepare pre-cut kits. Our experienced installers pay special attention to details and use the best techniques to obtain a flawless result that will last.

Paint protection film is not limited to cars and can apply to boats, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and any other vehicle for personal use. Commercial vehicle owners, and fleet accounts are also excellent applications, in short, every type of vehicle can benefit from paint protection. All surfaces prone to damage should be considered. For those custom projects, we will produce applications when we do not have a pre-made pattern in our database. For expert advice, contact us today, at your nearest Protex location.


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