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protex ultra

Protex ULTRA paint protection film offers the best in quality and warranty.

  • PROTEX ULTRA™ is an 8mil thick polyurethane film that is generally applied to the painted surface of new or used cars in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug hits, minor abrasions and UV damage. It does not affect the appearance or aerodynamics, being virtually invisible from just a few feet away.
  • PROTEX ULTRA™ is the only paint protection film that offers a TRUE self-healing clear coat. It will self restore back to its smooth surface with a source of heat (sun, engine, hot water, etc.) in case of minor scratches. Its invisible look will be preserved forever*. 
  • PROTEX ULTRA™  is the only film that is backed by a lifetime warranty*.
...The ultimate difference!

 ** Please note that we are referring to normal use that does  not include accidents, vandalism and intentional breach of the film.